Life Lessons Solo Traveling Teaches You

Pictures of solo travelers flooding our timelines and Instagram however marvelous makes us think about safety, boredom and loneliness. For women, it can be even more challenging because of gender inequality issues. There is a massive network of solo travelers who help, encourage and keep your adventure spirits high, be sure to look for those and join them.

If you are reading this you are probably trying to convince yourself of why you should do it. In your hearts of hearts, you know you want to do it. I salute you for this courage. Here are some life lessons that only travel can teach you that too solo.

1.How To Enjoy Being By Yourself

You will get lonely while travelling and anyone who tells you otherwise is either a solo travelling champ or lying. Travelling isn’t all running in grass meadows; sometimes it’s dragging your luggage to the airport bathroom because there is no one to watch it for you. Solo travelling teaches you to understand your own rhythms and preferences. After a while, you will realise you don’t miss anyone. Untangle your thoughts and dive in.

2.Making New Friends

All that said about loneliness, you will meet and make friends during your solo travel. People are often very open to travellers and sharing their culture. This plays to the advantage of the solo travellers as they get to have interesting conversations with strangers from across the globe getting multiple life experiences in a single lifetime. Look for group breakfasts, travel meetups or local events. Google some icebreakers if you think you will embarrass yourself or on second thought let yourself be embarrassed you will love it. 

3.How To Recognize And Deal With Your Emotions

Spending time with yourself when no one else is around in a stranger’s land is pretty hard but a very fast way to get in tune with your emotions. It helps you listen to the whispers that we miss amidst the hustle-bustle and noise of our daily lives. Believe it, we all have the dream of crying on a train openly where no one is familiar with you. Travelling solo teaches you to identify your emotions and address them when there is no one else to pamper you. Mostly it’s the classic case of hungriness or lack of sleep.

4.Focus On The Solution, Not The Problem

While travelling solo for the first time there is a sure-fire guarantee of something going wrong. Whether it’s mad rushing through traffic to get to your flight or finding yourself on the wrong train, solo travel teaches you to solve the problem at hand as soon as possible. The sooner you get rid of the problem the sooner you don’t have one. Travelling solo helps you internalize a solution-oriented and I am my own hero mindset

5.Ability To Observe Without Judgement

The memories that stick the most to many travellers is the ability to observe quirks and cute wholesome moments or sometimes dreadful. The art of people watching and not judging them in any way other than what made this person like this is a whole new level of self-awareness. Realizing that we have a uniqueness in our language, culture and beliefs etc is a powerful way to embrace your own quirks as well.

Travelling is the key to triumph is a very famous quote used in multiple languages which refers to all the experiences and life lessons you will learn as a traveller. It is scary at first but once you dive in with planning and open yourself up to the world, there is no going back. Our souls were not meant to be in one place. Good luck with your first trip!!