5 Challenges Of Being A Digital Nomad

With the advancement of tech and fast internet accessibility in the farthest regions of the world, businesses are shifting to a virtual work environment. All this has resulted in an increased demand for remote jobs, allowing millennials to roam anywhere around the planet and adopt a nomadic lifestyle. Mostly because they are no longer bound to a 9 to 5 office grind, allowing them a chance to travel while having a job. Since life is not always rainbows and butterflies, some challenges of this digitally nomadic lifestyle are often concealed with the dreamy instagram pictures.

1. Keeping A Steady Flow Of Income

Unless you have a passive source of income, a permanent job or a bunch of fixed clients, maintaining a regular flow of money can be a headache. Most nomads sustain their living through freelance tasks and there is no way to ensure that your monthly earnings will be constant every month.

All of this uncertainty can be stress and anxiety inducing, causing many metal health issues in them. Funding your life on the road can be expensive, causing a dent in your saving because of the various expenses attached to it. So in order to survive this workcation life, one has to be exceptionally good at managing  finances and dealing with uncertain conditions.

2. Work-life Balance

As previously mentioned, the uncertainty of the freelance world causes most of them to take on every offer they get at whatever price offered. They fear that they might not get this opportunity in future or run out of gigs causing a decline in their finances. 

This however is a smart approach, but it also leads them to miss out on life or disturbs their work-life balance. Mixing these two up leaves no discrete boundaries between two. For example, you might be sunbathing on a tropical beach and enjoying margaritas but a single work email can cause you to run to the nearest cafe and finish the task or attend a meeting.

3. Work Lapses

There is another side to this coin. Living in this chill and easy going atmosphere can make someone miss work deadlines or deliver the tasks on time. Most of the nomads over indulge themselves in parties or adventures, resulting in their career to suffer. Since a hangover or excessive partying is no excuse for compromising the quality of a job.

In addition to this, there are various natural factors that can cause these lags too. For example, lack of internet connectivity, local flood or any other natural disaster, power breakdowns in the region, and delayed flight etc.

4. Exhausting Paperwork And Legal Restrictions

Changing the geotags to your insta stories every two weeks sounds highly tempting but it comes at a cost and that is all bureaucratic restriction. You will have to endure tiring and prolonged visa issue process, legal restriction, work permits and banking limitations.

Some of these include; the maximum amount of cash a tourist can carry, will their home debit card be valid in a certain country, do they have to open a bank account, getting a work permit, and most importantly the taxation laws when it comes to remote work. All these tough and tense legal restrictions often take away the charm of free and independent nomadic life. 

5. Loneliness

No doubt meeting new people and engaging with fellow travellers counts for a unique experience but nothing beats the love and warmth of a family. Oftentimes, nomads complain about the lack of emotional support from the friends and family. The ambiguity and the absence of community while travelling serves as the cherry on top.But this is a price one has to pay in order to fly free and witness the magnificence of our world.

So before you quit your job and hop on the plane inspired by the colourful pictures on the internet, keep these struggles in mind. The experience of digital nomad life is different for every person, so it is advised to carefully weigh the pros and cons for yourself.