Things to Pack if You Are Traveling to a Colder Region

Picture this. You are all set to travel to a cold location, a location that was on your travel-to-checklist for as long as you can remember. This is the winter vacation trip you have been planning for so long. It falls at the perfect time for you to take a break. It is your dream location (in case we did not mention that before). You have everything you need to travel. But the biggest, the mightiest problem of all: your suitcase size.

Regardless of whether it is an international trip or you are about to explore a local destination, the size of your suitcase matters a lot. In a local journey, you don’t want to take up a lot of space. On an international trip, you want to stay within the luggage weight requirements. In this case, it becomes difficult for you to narrow your choices.

In this article, we will be talking about the winter essentials you will need when planning to travel to a colder destination. This piece will indeed become handy for you and will make your packing a lot easier!

Always Begin With Your Thermals

You might have hated wearing thermals when you were young; you might have thought that they make you look pretty out of fashion. However, thermals and inners are the sorts of items you should not imagine going without when going to a cold city. Dismiss bulky clothes and go for thermals. You can pair thermals with tights and tops without compromising on your fashion sense and, at the same time, enjoying the weather without shivering.

Wear The Bulkier Items On The Flight 

If you plan on going to someplace icy, you might want to take your heavy coat and boots, but we know that they take a lot of space. In that case, you can wear your favorite heavy items on the plane. This is a hack, to be honest. These items will also save you from the cool airplane (if that bothers you) and, at the same time, save your luggage weight as well. Win-win situation, if you ask me.

Don’t Forget To Roll Your Clothes

What your mother used to tell you is something you need to apply here as well – roll up your clothes. This is a classic technique and takes less space than folding clothes. Of course, the weight will remain the same. But in case you have some extra weight and no space, the rolling technique minimizes the empty spaces for you to add more things in the suitcase.

Don’t Forget To Pack A Sunscreen

For winter vacations, people forget to take their sunscreens with them. For these types of vacations, sunscreens are equally important, especially if you are going to a place where there is snow. If you plan on going skiing, sunscreen is a must. The exposure to the sun can give you some pretty dangerous sunburns.

Oh, And A Medical Box Is A Must!

No compromises on this – be it a trip to Switzerland or Brazil, regardless of the weather there is like, always remember to keep your box medical goods. If you have a prescription of any illness, be sure to pack them. Also, do not forget to keep the necessary painkillers. You may need them.

Keep Your Technology Equipment With You

Traveling without your technology equipment is a big no. It would be best if you had a power-bank, a pair of working earphones and, of course, a charging wire as well. In case you need to do some work during your vacations, do not forget to keep your charger. Also invest in an eAlarm so you can keep all your luggage safely.

So, there you have it. Pack these essentials on your trip to a colder region. Oh, and one more thing, do not forget to have the time of your life!

Air travel backpack, how to choose the right luggage

The more adventurous prefer to carry everything on their shoulders, because actually the travel backpack is more practical for those who leave by plane. This type of hand luggage is perfect for a short “on the road” vacation. There are backpacks of different models, sizes and materials.

To choose the one that best suits your needs, you need to consider the type of holiday you have chosen for your holidays. choose a backpack suitable for storing everything you need for the little ones. opt for a travel backpack with multiple compartments, where you can store tablets, laptops and documents. Those who love hiking will need a super light backpack, with adjustable back, waterproof and waterproof.

Hand luggage backpack, all the advantages
Choosing a backpack for hand luggage certainly has many advantages for those who want to travel light even by plane:

• The travel backpack is lighter than a trolley or a hand suitcase and allows you to insert multiple objects inside.
• The carry-on backpack allows you to save time and money. In fact, you can avoid the additional costs for checked baggage and reduce waiting times both at check-in and at the time of disembarkation.
• The backpack allows you to be more comfortable and have greater freedom of movement, avoiding dragging luggage at the airport, metro or hotel.
• The travel backpack is safer. Having it always on your shoulder, you will avoid leaving it unattended, at the mercy of any looters.

Compared to a common trolley, the backpack can contain a really considerable number of objects. But when the weight exceeds that allowed for hand luggage, you can decide to use the backpack as hold luggage. For example, if you are a trekking enthusiast and you want to bring sports equipment with you , you can decide to take your backpack with everything you need. If, on the other hand, you spend your camping holidays, you can choose a large multipocket backpack in which to distribute the content optimally. If you have decided to check in your baggage, don’t forget to protect it from theft. The backpack, in fact, is certainly more accessible than a rigid suitcase. For this reason we always recommend that you close it with travel padlocks, safety straps or backpack bags.

Plugged Ears On The Plane: An Annoying Discomfort When Flying

The earache plane is an unpleasant feeling that all passengers will sooner or later come to know … and suffer. But because the ears plug on the plane? Here is the definitive explanation, which has to do with the pressure changes in the cabin. During take-off the gases – like oxygen – dilate, and then re-compress during landing. This can lead to problems in parts of the body where air cannot move freely, such as the middle ear. The area behind the eardrum, in fact, is connected only through a small duct to the oral cavity and often the air remains trapped in it. The ear begins to hear normal sounds in a muffled way and in some cases, if the stimulation persists, the whole surrounding area can also become painful. Earache, more often than not, is not dangerous and can be managed with a few simple precautions, however it can be annoying especially for children.

Remedies for earache: what to do when traveling on Air Dolomiti
Most of the time to avoid the notorious earache on the plane it is enough to yawn or chew a chewing gum just before take-off or landing. The movement of the jaw, in fact, proves to be a good ally to relieve pressure in the middle ear: in this way the Eustachian tubes are freed, the ducts that connect the ear to the pharynx. Even swallowingit can help to free capped ears, as well as sucking on a candy by letting it melt in your mouth without chewing it. If your neighbor takes a deep breath to hold the air inside the nostrils and mouth, follow his example as well. This maneuver can indeed be successful if carried out for a few seconds without letting the air out suddenly. To avoid the moodiness of children on the plane due to corked ears, however, the classic pacifier in the mouth will suffice.

Earache on the plane: what to do when you have a cold
If a cold caught you before the flight, we advise you not to underestimate the problem: the combination of nasal congestion and earache on the plane could lead to particularly unpleasant consequences. The greatest risk, in these cases, is that the excessive pressure exerted in the middle ear for a long time due to the blocked auditory tube leads to the rupture of the eardrum. Without giving in to alarms, contact your doctor or pharmacist before boarding: a decongestant spray will be enough to keep the airways clear and clean.

Plugged ears on the plane are no longer a problem: follow our advice and your trip with Air Dolomiti from Italy to Germany will be even more comfortable!