5 Tips To Travel Solo As A Woman

Traveling solo to another country can be intimidating especially if its your first time doing it. Many things can happen and if you are not ready or even mentally prepared, it can affect the whole experience. Planning your trip doesn’t end at booking your flights and hotels, there are other things that need to be done for a successful and safe trip.

As a solo female traveler it is completely normal to feel a bit anxious keeping in mind the current situation around. To control this anxiety preparation and research is a must. To help you enjoy a great safe trip, below are some tips :

1. Prepare for the worst with Documents and secret cash

For documents we recommend keeping copies of them on clouds such as google drive or icloud this includes your ID and passport incase your purse is stolen, this will be a massive relief. One of the top tips for people traveling into areas with less to no internet connectivity or ATM access is to keep some stash of cash hidden in their undergarments. This might sound a bit extreme but in places like these you need a financial cushion if things were to go south.

2. Keep it Low Key

Want to get unnecessary attention in Paris, show up in shorts and a tee and more specifically wear a hoodie with a university name on it. As much as shorts and a t-shirt is common in north america you would never see someone wearing them in Paris. Blend in as much as you can and try to pass off as a local. Research about the local style of clothing and wear it with confidence. Bottom line: try not to look like a tourist.

3. Have Safety Devices

There are plenty of devices that are good self defence weapons. You can buy a pepper spray, rape alarm, stun gun and tasers guns etc. Make sure you get them through airport security or buy them in the country if it’s affordable for you. Another thing that helps in unsafe situations is knowing basic self defence. When you know basic self defence it keeps your nerves calm and you act quickly if push comes to shove. 

4. Keep your loved ones informed

 No matter how old you are or where you go, always keep your loved ones informed about your activities. It also helps if you have a friend or two in the city to keep in the loop. This will help your family and friends know where to look for you, if things were to go south. Keep the local police contact numbers with you in case of emergencies. 

5. Dont Trust people too quickly

When you are travelling it’s easy to get sucked into the optimism and laughter that every new person you meet brings with them. It can be tempting to jump at the opportunity of making new friends and join the tribe. Sometimes these tribes do turn in to lifelong friendships too but not always. Some con artists have mastered the art of befriending travelers and robbing them the first opportunity they get. Take things slowly and let people earn your trust.

There is no need to worry at all times, you can have an enjoyable trip as a female solo traveler. As long as you have planned it properly and you are prepared for anything that might come at you, you are good to go. We wish you the best of luck for your next solo trip. Let us know if you have any of your personal tips that has helped you in the past.

5 Places To Visit in 2021

The world was snarled into the webs of a contagious virus in 2020 that constrained us to our homes. It made us understand how much for granted we took traveling, even if it was getting supplies from a nearby shopping mart. With the restrictions in a crisscross, most people didn’t spend their vacations as they would’ve loved. So, as the pandemic gradually simmers down, traveling is shown as a glimmer of light in most of the world countries. So, keeping in mind the situation the world faces right now, we have shortlisted some places where you can visit in 2021 and spend your vacations better than you even anticipated.

Costa Rica

Placed between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Costa Rica is one of the most peaceable countries in Central America, with it holding up to 5% of the world’s biodiversity. It meets 99% of its energy requirements by renewable resources, making it one of the eco-friendliest countries in the world. Costa Rican government was commended for its effective administration and containment of the virus. Bursting with lush forests, breath-taking volcanoes, and silky beaches makes it a place where one should undeniably visit once. Hike through the forests where you might catch a glimpse of the indigenous tribes of the forests. They are hospitable people and will guide you through your journey into the forest. From red-eyed tree frogs to kinkajous will make your visit even more fascinating.

New Zealand

New Zealand has been applauded for its efforts to combat the deadly virus. The Kiwis didn’t have a single active case for a very long period after the virus gained pandemic status. The Land has much more to offer and not just the title of hosting the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It’s famous about New Zealand that you can experience all four seasons in a single day. The belching volcanoes and breath-taking beaches make it a tourist haven.

Tokyo, Japan

There can’t be a list of tourist sites without mentioning Tokyo. The Land of The Rising Sun, as they say, and the Sun will be mounting on Tokyo from July 23 to August 8 as Tokyo will be hosting the 2021 Summer Olympics. Initially, the Olympics were scheduled to be held in 2020 but have been moved to 2021 due to obvious reasons. The culture and the people make us personally attached to the remarkable country. Let us not forget, TOKOYO HAS FREE WIFI, let alone Tokyo, WHOLE OF JAPAN HAS FREE WIFI. The extra-ordinary cuisines, makes us fall in love with this place.


The Maldives isn’t a new dug-up escape-away, but in 2021 it is expected to get better with the recent peace dialogs and mind-boggling newly opened hotels. The South-Asian Island has everything to offer. Scuba diving, the white sand beaches that make it a straightforward choice to make. With the introduction of the world’s-first country-wide loyalty program: the Maldives Border Miles program will enable visitors to get points on how often they visit and how long they stay.

Dubai, UAE

Still can’t figure out after browsing through all the options you wanted to succeed? Well, Dubai is your safest bet, with emirate implementing safety protocols and welcoming all International vacationers. Dubai was hosting Middle East’s first World Expo Centre in 2020, but it was postponed to October 2021 with the pandemic being the reason. Travelers can expect world-class displays and exquisite food. The opening of The Museum of the Future with ocean-themed luxury resort Atlantis the palm makes us never question about Dubai being worth the while and even the money.

5 Challenges Of Being A Digital Nomad

With the advancement of tech and fast internet accessibility in the farthest regions of the world, businesses are shifting to a virtual work environment. All this has resulted in an increased demand for remote jobs, allowing millennials to roam anywhere around the planet and adopt a nomadic lifestyle. Mostly because they are no longer bound to a 9 to 5 office grind, allowing them a chance to travel while having a job. Since life is not always rainbows and butterflies, some challenges of this digitally nomadic lifestyle are often concealed with the dreamy instagram pictures.

1. Keeping A Steady Flow Of Income

Unless you have a passive source of income, a permanent job or a bunch of fixed clients, maintaining a regular flow of money can be a headache. Most nomads sustain their living through freelance tasks and there is no way to ensure that your monthly earnings will be constant every month.

All of this uncertainty can be stress and anxiety inducing, causing many metal health issues in them. Funding your life on the road can be expensive, causing a dent in your saving because of the various expenses attached to it. So in order to survive this workcation life, one has to be exceptionally good at managing  finances and dealing with uncertain conditions.

2. Work-life Balance

As previously mentioned, the uncertainty of the freelance world causes most of them to take on every offer they get at whatever price offered. They fear that they might not get this opportunity in future or run out of gigs causing a decline in their finances. 

This however is a smart approach, but it also leads them to miss out on life or disturbs their work-life balance. Mixing these two up leaves no discrete boundaries between two. For example, you might be sunbathing on a tropical beach and enjoying margaritas but a single work email can cause you to run to the nearest cafe and finish the task or attend a meeting.

3. Work Lapses

There is another side to this coin. Living in this chill and easy going atmosphere can make someone miss work deadlines or deliver the tasks on time. Most of the nomads over indulge themselves in parties or adventures, resulting in their career to suffer. Since a hangover or excessive partying is no excuse for compromising the quality of a job.

In addition to this, there are various natural factors that can cause these lags too. For example, lack of internet connectivity, local flood or any other natural disaster, power breakdowns in the region, and delayed flight etc.

4. Exhausting Paperwork And Legal Restrictions

Changing the geotags to your insta stories every two weeks sounds highly tempting but it comes at a cost and that is all bureaucratic restriction. You will have to endure tiring and prolonged visa issue process, legal restriction, work permits and banking limitations.

Some of these include; the maximum amount of cash a tourist can carry, will their home debit card be valid in a certain country, do they have to open a bank account, getting a work permit, and most importantly the taxation laws when it comes to remote work. All these tough and tense legal restrictions often take away the charm of free and independent nomadic life. 

5. Loneliness

No doubt meeting new people and engaging with fellow travellers counts for a unique experience but nothing beats the love and warmth of a family. Oftentimes, nomads complain about the lack of emotional support from the friends and family. The ambiguity and the absence of community while travelling serves as the cherry on top.But this is a price one has to pay in order to fly free and witness the magnificence of our world.

So before you quit your job and hop on the plane inspired by the colourful pictures on the internet, keep these struggles in mind. The experience of digital nomad life is different for every person, so it is advised to carefully weigh the pros and cons for yourself.

Life Lessons Solo Traveling Teaches You

Pictures of solo travelers flooding our timelines and Instagram however marvelous makes us think about safety, boredom and loneliness. For women, it can be even more challenging because of gender inequality issues. There is a massive network of solo travelers who help, encourage and keep your adventure spirits high, be sure to look for those and join them.

If you are reading this you are probably trying to convince yourself of why you should do it. In your hearts of hearts, you know you want to do it. I salute you for this courage. Here are some life lessons that only travel can teach you that too solo.

1.How To Enjoy Being By Yourself

You will get lonely while travelling and anyone who tells you otherwise is either a solo travelling champ or lying. Travelling isn’t all running in grass meadows; sometimes it’s dragging your luggage to the airport bathroom because there is no one to watch it for you. Solo travelling teaches you to understand your own rhythms and preferences. After a while, you will realise you don’t miss anyone. Untangle your thoughts and dive in.

2.Making New Friends

All that said about loneliness, you will meet and make friends during your solo travel. People are often very open to travellers and sharing their culture. This plays to the advantage of the solo travellers as they get to have interesting conversations with strangers from across the globe getting multiple life experiences in a single lifetime. Look for group breakfasts, travel meetups or local events. Google some icebreakers if you think you will embarrass yourself or on second thought let yourself be embarrassed you will love it. 

3.How To Recognize And Deal With Your Emotions

Spending time with yourself when no one else is around in a stranger’s land is pretty hard but a very fast way to get in tune with your emotions. It helps you listen to the whispers that we miss amidst the hustle-bustle and noise of our daily lives. Believe it, we all have the dream of crying on a train openly where no one is familiar with you. Travelling solo teaches you to identify your emotions and address them when there is no one else to pamper you. Mostly it’s the classic case of hungriness or lack of sleep.

4.Focus On The Solution, Not The Problem

While travelling solo for the first time there is a sure-fire guarantee of something going wrong. Whether it’s mad rushing through traffic to get to your flight or finding yourself on the wrong train, solo travel teaches you to solve the problem at hand as soon as possible. The sooner you get rid of the problem the sooner you don’t have one. Travelling solo helps you internalize a solution-oriented and I am my own hero mindset

5.Ability To Observe Without Judgement

The memories that stick the most to many travellers is the ability to observe quirks and cute wholesome moments or sometimes dreadful. The art of people watching and not judging them in any way other than what made this person like this is a whole new level of self-awareness. Realizing that we have a uniqueness in our language, culture and beliefs etc is a powerful way to embrace your own quirks as well.

Travelling is the key to triumph is a very famous quote used in multiple languages which refers to all the experiences and life lessons you will learn as a traveller. It is scary at first but once you dive in with planning and open yourself up to the world, there is no going back. Our souls were not meant to be in one place. Good luck with your first trip!! 

Best Examples of Growth Hacking around the Globe

Marketing and advertising are the heart and soul of a business. Business owners spend millions of dollars a year to promote their services worldwide and there are days when even with all the right things and with all the right tools, your business gets stuck at one point and our aim of growing fast and competing the topmost in the market is reduced to dust. So what should one do in such a scenario? Just sit back and scrutinize what went wrong, and if you don’t see any fault in your dealings, look up to your competitors and other bigwigs to see what they are doing. For the same reason, we are here with some iconic examples of the world’s successful businesses that used the affordable yet reliable promotion technique of growth hacking to take their business to worldwide prominence. Let’s have a look at the 5 best examples of growth hacking around the globe but before that, let’s understand the concept of growth hacking first. 

Growth hacking is a mindset and a toolset that uses alternative marketing techniques to promote a business. It integrates the four principles of coherence, testing, measurement, and ingenuity to boost the sales and profits of a business. It comes with different marketing strategies and with continuous testing and implementation, it highlights the one technique or method that works the best for your business. Growth hacking is different from traditional marketing techniques as its sole purpose is the “profitability” of your business. 


With 109 billion active users, Facebook is the world’s largest social network that connects people. Facebook tested and successfully implemented the email notification mechanism of Growth hacking which notifies people through an email whenever they are tagged in a post on Facebook. This generated heightened traffic on the world’s most engaging website. 


Not so long ago, Airbnb used to distribute flyers and its marketing agents used to go door to door to promote their services until the company of 1 Billion club today utilized the Craigslist customer base which worked as a jumping off-point to success for it. This increased the online growth and customer base on Airbnb which rents out their empty rooms to total strangers. 

Dollar Shave 

For Dollar Shave, the video marketing of growth hacking turned it into an exponential giant in the market. The iconic video which features the owner of the Company selling razor blades to people for just one dollar a month has over 25 million views and made it a household name. 


Dropbox is an app that works on file hosting with cloud hosting and attained viral growth with the implementation of the “refer a friend” strategy. It helped the business to accelerate a monumental amount of traffic and people prefer to look for referrals rather than general ads. With the implementation of the referral strategy, Dropbox managed to attain more than 200,000 businesses. Dropbox is one of its kind. It offers effective employment of office operations, organization, file storage, software, utility, and retrieval. 


Paypal took the advantage of a bigger platform. Earlier, Paypal was not listed on eBay as the online payment option. The company applied the toolkit of Growth hacking and alerted people of several fake accounts and introduced itself as one of the securest on-line payment systems on eBay. The strategy worked and Paypal drifted through the customer base of eBay and later had no other option than to introduce Paypal due to adding demand.


Gmail started with an invite-only option of growth hacking and it really worked to drive the growth. This took the company to a level that eBay auctioned its invites online. Along with this growth hack, Gmail worked hard to provide the best solutions in email management, email searching, and capabilities. 

Growth hacking is the 21st-century empowerment tool. It tests your product, identifies customer needs, and incorporates it in the business to boost growth. The above-mentioned are a few of the hundreds of successful examples and it’s not necessary that Growth hacking and marketing services would use the same strategies for your business. After a thorough analysis of your business products and services, it will come up with a unique growth hack that will work the best for your Company 

10 Ways Living Abroad Changes Your Life

At the point when you move and live abroad you face new difficulties, you become more acquainted with parts that you didn’t know existed, you are surprised about yourself and the world. You learn, you expand your viewpoints. You forget, and in the wake of descending and grasping a couple of new learnings, you begin filling in with gratitude. You develop. You feel nostalgic… and you shape memories that will remain with you until the end of time. In the event that you have ever lived away from home or left on a long journey, I am certain you also have felt these 10 things that change when you live abroad.

1-      You come to Realize that courage is overrated.

Loads of people will disclose to you how strong you are – they also would move to another country but they are afraid. What is more, you, despite the fact that you have been frightened, as well, realize that fearlessness makes up about 10% of extraordinary choices. The other 90% is absolutely about wanting it with your entire heart.

2-       And, now you know what freedom actually is.

You have generally been free, yet opportunity feels diverse at this point. Since you have surrendered each solace and made it work a great many miles from home… you have an inclination that you are capable of doing anything!

3-      You speak different languages.

Now and again you accidentally let a word from another language slip or you know precisely what to say yet can’t recall the correct interpretation for a pivotal word in the sentence. At the point when you connect with an unknown language consistently, you learn and forget simultaneously. You continually end up perusing in your native language so that you do not forget it.

4-      Nothing is Ordinary.

Living abroad, such as travelling, makes you understand that ‘ordinary’ just means socially or socially acknowledged. At the point when you dive into an alternate culture and an alternate society, your idea of normality just destroys. You realize there are different methods of getting things done and you are fine with it.

5-      You explore the new city.

That area you might not have visited in your state just means the never-ending rundown of activities in your new home, and you before long become an incredible master in your new city. Be that as it may, when somebody comes over for a couple of days and requests a few recommendations, you discover it truly difficult to suggest yet a couple of things–if it were up to you, you would suggest visiting everything!

6-      You learn how to stay calm… and when to ask for help.

If you live abroad, the easiest chore can turn into a tremendous test. There are consistently stressful moments, yet you are before long loaded up with more tolerance than you ever realized you had in you, and acknowledge that requesting help is not just inescapable, yet in addition a good habit.

7-      Nostalgia strikes and you want to go back home.

The littlest things can overpower you with achiness to go home. You miss those seemingly insignificant details you never thought you would miss, and you would offer anything to return to that place, regardless of whether it were only for a moment.

8-       Your world changes.

Living abroad is a trip that will significantly transform you and what your identity is. It will stir up your underlying foundations, your convictions and your feelings related to fear. Possibly you won’t understand it, or even trust it, before you do it yet one day you will understand that you have changed.

9-      You start from scratch.

From the second you pack your travel bag, whatever you thought ‘home’ was doesn’t exist any longer. Nearly anything you come in contact with can be replaced. One day you will understand home is the person going with you, the people that you left, and the streets where you spent your most of the time.

10-   There’s no turning back.

Presently you recognize giving up comfort, what starting a life without any preparation and wondering about the world consistently feels like. Also, it being such an enormous, perpetual world… How might you be able to decide not to continue traveling and exploring it?

Things to Pack if You Are Traveling to a Colder Region

Picture this. You are all set to travel to a cold location, a location that was on your travel-to-checklist for as long as you can remember. This is the winter vacation trip you have been planning for so long. It falls at the perfect time for you to take a break. It is your dream location (in case we did not mention that before). You have everything you need to travel. But the biggest, the mightiest problem of all: your suitcase size.

Regardless of whether it is an international trip or you are about to explore a local destination, the size of your suitcase matters a lot. In a local journey, you don’t want to take up a lot of space. On an international trip, you want to stay within the luggage weight requirements. In this case, it becomes difficult for you to narrow your choices.

In this article, we will be talking about the winter essentials you will need when planning to travel to a colder destination. This piece will indeed become handy for you and will make your packing a lot easier!

Always Begin With Your Thermals

You might have hated wearing thermals when you were young; you might have thought that they make you look pretty out of fashion. However, thermals and inners are the sorts of items you should not imagine going without when going to a cold city. Dismiss bulky clothes and go for thermals. You can pair thermals with tights and tops without compromising on your fashion sense and, at the same time, enjoying the weather without shivering.

Wear The Bulkier Items On The Flight 

If you plan on going to someplace icy, you might want to take your heavy coat and boots, but we know that they take a lot of space. In that case, you can wear your favorite heavy items on the plane. This is a hack, to be honest. These items will also save you from the cool airplane (if that bothers you) and, at the same time, save your luggage weight as well. Win-win situation, if you ask me.

Don’t Forget To Roll Your Clothes

What your mother used to tell you is something you need to apply here as well – roll up your clothes. This is a classic technique and takes less space than folding clothes. Of course, the weight will remain the same. But in case you have some extra weight and no space, the rolling technique minimizes the empty spaces for you to add more things in the suitcase.

Don’t Forget To Pack A Sunscreen

For winter vacations, people forget to take their sunscreens with them. For these types of vacations, sunscreens are equally important, especially if you are going to a place where there is snow. If you plan on going skiing, sunscreen is a must. The exposure to the sun can give you some pretty dangerous sunburns.

Oh, And A Medical Box Is A Must!

No compromises on this – be it a trip to Switzerland or Brazil, regardless of the weather there is like, always remember to keep your box medical goods. If you have a prescription of any illness, be sure to pack them. Also, do not forget to keep the necessary painkillers. You may need them.

Keep Your Technology Equipment With You

Traveling without your technology equipment is a big no. It would be best if you had a power-bank, a pair of working earphones and, of course, a charging wire as well. In case you need to do some work during your vacations, do not forget to keep your charger. Also invest in an eAlarm so you can keep all your luggage safely.

So, there you have it. Pack these essentials on your trip to a colder region. Oh, and one more thing, do not forget to have the time of your life!

Air travel backpack, how to choose the right luggage

The more adventurous prefer to carry everything on their shoulders, because actually the travel backpack is more practical for those who leave by plane. This type of hand luggage is perfect for a short “on the road” vacation. There are backpacks of different models, sizes and materials.

To choose the one that best suits your needs, you need to consider the type of holiday you have chosen for your holidays. choose a backpack suitable for storing everything you need for the little ones. opt for a travel backpack with multiple compartments, where you can store tablets, laptops and documents. Those who love hiking will need a super light backpack, with adjustable back, waterproof and waterproof.

Hand luggage backpack, all the advantages
Choosing a backpack for hand luggage certainly has many advantages for those who want to travel light even by plane:

• The travel backpack is lighter than a trolley or a hand suitcase and allows you to insert multiple objects inside.
• The carry-on backpack allows you to save time and money. In fact, you can avoid the additional costs for checked baggage and reduce waiting times both at check-in and at the time of disembarkation.
• The backpack allows you to be more comfortable and have greater freedom of movement, avoiding dragging luggage at the airport, metro or hotel.
• The travel backpack is safer. Having it always on your shoulder, you will avoid leaving it unattended, at the mercy of any looters.

Compared to a common trolley, the backpack can contain a really considerable number of objects. But when the weight exceeds that allowed for hand luggage, you can decide to use the backpack as hold luggage. For example, if you are a trekking enthusiast and you want to bring sports equipment with you , you can decide to take your backpack with everything you need. If, on the other hand, you spend your camping holidays, you can choose a large multipocket backpack in which to distribute the content optimally. If you have decided to check in your baggage, don’t forget to protect it from theft. The backpack, in fact, is certainly more accessible than a rigid suitcase. For this reason we always recommend that you close it with travel padlocks, safety straps or backpack bags.

Plugged Ears On The Plane: An Annoying Discomfort When Flying

The earache plane is an unpleasant feeling that all passengers will sooner or later come to know … and suffer. But because the ears plug on the plane? Here is the definitive explanation, which has to do with the pressure changes in the cabin. During take-off the gases – like oxygen – dilate, and then re-compress during landing. This can lead to problems in parts of the body where air cannot move freely, such as the middle ear. The area behind the eardrum, in fact, is connected only through a small duct to the oral cavity and often the air remains trapped in it. The ear begins to hear normal sounds in a muffled way and in some cases, if the stimulation persists, the whole surrounding area can also become painful. Earache, more often than not, is not dangerous and can be managed with a few simple precautions, however it can be annoying especially for children.

Remedies for earache: what to do when traveling on Air Dolomiti
Most of the time to avoid the notorious earache on the plane it is enough to yawn or chew a chewing gum just before take-off or landing. The movement of the jaw, in fact, proves to be a good ally to relieve pressure in the middle ear: in this way the Eustachian tubes are freed, the ducts that connect the ear to the pharynx. Even swallowingit can help to free capped ears, as well as sucking on a candy by letting it melt in your mouth without chewing it. If your neighbor takes a deep breath to hold the air inside the nostrils and mouth, follow his example as well. This maneuver can indeed be successful if carried out for a few seconds without letting the air out suddenly. To avoid the moodiness of children on the plane due to corked ears, however, the classic pacifier in the mouth will suffice.

Earache on the plane: what to do when you have a cold
If a cold caught you before the flight, we advise you not to underestimate the problem: the combination of nasal congestion and earache on the plane could lead to particularly unpleasant consequences. The greatest risk, in these cases, is that the excessive pressure exerted in the middle ear for a long time due to the blocked auditory tube leads to the rupture of the eardrum. Without giving in to alarms, contact your doctor or pharmacist before boarding: a decongestant spray will be enough to keep the airways clear and clean.

Plugged ears on the plane are no longer a problem: follow our advice and your trip with Air Dolomiti from Italy to Germany will be even more comfortable!