Virtual Reality Analytics

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How it works

Retinad's Unity plugin works with all major VR headsets, automatically.

See your app through your users’ eyes.

To make great VR experiences, you need great data.

How can you improve your app if you don't know what users want?

Our Team

VR is a nascent medium and we're navigating these uncertain waters with you. Communication here is key. That's why we have a dedicated team ready to build and implement features you want and need. Get in touch :)

  • Samuel Forcier-Poirier, President

    Samuel is an entrepreneur at heart. He founded his first profitable company at 14, raised close to a million dollars at 18 to create the first debit card for Bitcoin and co-founded Retinad at 21. When he is not busy building companies, Sam likes to launch things in space and make plans for world domination.

  • Anthony Guay, CEO

    Anthony has always had a love for technology. A natural leader, he has attempted many ventures; he won a major robotics competition, researched in Nanoscience at McGill University, and dropped out of Computer Engineering to launch his first (and profitable) technology company at 19. He also launched 3 startups before founding Retinad. He believes applying technology and science to start a business is a great driver of innovation and human progress. Virtual Reality will change humanity for the next decades, and he wants to help to make it happen.

  • Kévin Ouellet, CTO

    Kevin is a certified Sr. Engineer who specializes in Virtual Reality. He has taught engineering at one of the largest universities in Montreal (ETS) and has been doing Academic and Medical Research in Virtual Reality since 2001.

  • Alexander Haque, Director of Developer Relations

    Alex believes in the eternal struggle of improving man's condition. His favorite flavor of ice-cream is salted caramel.

  • Motoki Nakamura, Data Scientist

    Motoki is the lead data scientist at Retinad. He has won numerous awards in hackathons including WearHacks, YHack and Baseball Hack Day. He enjoys drinking whiskey and hopes to one day own a Major League Baseball team.

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